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November 12, 2021 Letter

Dear Residents, Employees, Family Members, Legal Representatives and Health Care Providers:

Most of you are aware by now the federal government is mandating the COVID-19 vaccination for healthcare workers. Our employees, students, trainees, licensed practitioners, contractors and volunteers are subject to this mandate. The federal government requires anyone subject to the mandate receive the first vaccine by December 5, 2021, and the second vaccine, if it is the two-dose Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, by January 4, 2022.

The company executive team met this week to discuss the mandate and the changes to our COVID-19 vaccination policy triggered by the mandate. We strongly encourage our unvaccinated staff to obtain the vaccination by the dates outlined above.  The company is, however, establishing a process where staff may request an exemption from the vaccine requirement based on religious or medical reasons.  To ensure a fair and consistent review of the exemption requests and to ensure compliance with the federal mandate, Human Resources will oversee this process.  An exempted employee will be required to follow new guidelines regarding testing and enhanced personal protective equipment use while on duty.

Presently, the percentage of employees vaccinated averages between 60-70%, with some locations below or above this average.  In an effort to increase our staff vaccination rates, any location that achieves an 85% vaccination rate with its employees commencing November 18th through December 21st, will hold a $1,000 draw for its eligible employees on the pay days during this time.  Any location that achieves 93% fully vaccinated rate with its employees by December 21st, will hold a one-time draw of $10,000 for its fully vaccinated employees on this day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me, as many of you have during the pandemic. I am more than happy to answer your questions or provide you with assistance. I can be reached at


Dr. Shellie M. Sonnentag, DNP, AGPCNP, CD
Vice President of Clinical Services
Real Property Health Facilities Corp.

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