Memory Care

iStock_000015239112_XXXLargeQuiet Pines is our Memory Care Neighborhood, which is a distinct community within Riverbend.

We recognized the community’s need for memory care services within an assisted living environment and developed Quiet Pines as part of our senior living campus to meet that need. Our spacious apartments include kitchens and private baths in a beautiful, comfortable and secure setting. Meals are prepared by our chef and served family style, and services such as health monitoring, social, recreational and educational opportunities are specially planned for each individual based on their needs and desires.

The Quiet Pines staff assists residents in making the most of their strengths and abilities, allowing them to feel included and remain part of their social connections. All staff are specially trained in dementia care, and focus on bringing meaning, purpose and pleasure to each resident’s life through interactions specifically designed for individuals with memory loss. With the small size of Quiet Pines (10 apartments), we’re able to provide services that meet our residents’ needs without overstimulating them, keeping peace and comfort a priority.

We understand the challenges associated with the loss of memory and other cognitive skills, especially when it impacts a person’s ability to perform daily tasks. As such, we encourage you to contact us if you have questions regarding our services or dementia care in general. We can help you navigate through the abundance of information available today regarding dementia symptoms. We can also discuss the various types of dementia with you, including Alzheimer’s (most common), Lewy body dementia, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases.


We feel so blessed that he adjusted so well to Riverbend. He feels at home and so comfortable there! He loves having his own apartment. He has his living room and bedroom furniture. All of his favorite things went with him.
Grandpa Ralph's Loving Family
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