“Today our family would like to thank you for the wonderful, dedicated care you provide to the residents of Riverbend.  Covid-19 has created new challenges for the residents, their families, and you.  Yet, you have risen to these challenges when we, as family, have not been able to help our loved ones.  Thank you!”
– Family
“The family would like to thank the staff at Riverbend Assisted Living for their outstanding care and compassion to Mom and the residents.”
– Family

The family would like to thank the compassionate caregivers at Riverbend Assisted Living in Amery for “spoiling” Mom/Grandma like she was their own grandma. Theoline couldn’t have been happier living there.
– Family of T.I.

Riverbend in Amery, WI has now become home for a very special friend of our family. It has a lovely and welcoming feel from all of the staff. The quality of the care is comforting. The kindness and sensitivity shown to our dear friend is truly heart warming.

We’d like to express our gratitude for the tender care and compassion he receives at Riverbend Memory Care. Riverbend has friendly staff, yummy meals, its always clean and has a joyous atmosphere.
– From Family Friends

Grandpa Ralph has a new home at Riverbend! He loved living at home with our assistance but after a hospital stay and covid rules, they put him in a home for rehab. Then they decided to keep him! He was sharing a room with just a curtain between the beds, Loud T.V., and a not too nice staff. He was very unhappy. He said he would rather be back in the army during battle!

The angel at Riverbend worked diligently and assisted us with a smooth transition to R. B. The next day after his first night he told me “Its like living in “H” and now I’m in heaven!

We feel so blessed that he adjusted so well to Riverbend. He feels at home and so comfortable there! He loves having his own apartment. He has his living room and bedroom furniture. All of his favorite things went with him. He has a nice kitchenette and spacious handicap bathroom. Three healthy meals daily. A staff made up of angels. They are kind and understanding Riverbend is Home! Our hearts are happy!
– Grandpa Ralph’s Loving Family

I was able to care for my mother Pearla at home until she went to heaven at the age of 96. Her favorite saying was “Don’t worry or you’ll get a wrinkle” I was broken hearted, but “worried”, because her best friend was now alone. So I took on the meals, care and doctor appointments. A year later dementia set in. I interviewed and saw multiple places. I chose Riverbend Memory Care. I thank God for blessing her best friend with a wonderful place to live and thrive!

I wanted a place that felt homelike, comfortable and clean. A place that has a good-natured and kindhearted staff. I found all of that and more at Riverbend! I know my mom would approve of my
choice for her best friend. And I can follow her favorite saying…I don’t Have to “worry”, her friend is happy at Riverbend.
– Patti D.

I can’t thank you enough for making our FaceTime call possible. It was priceless. Nana sang a song to us and we got to sing to her. Please let the staff know how much we appreciate what you all did to “hook” us up to our beloved Nana and all the care you give her every day. There were a lot of happy tears from our end. Virtual hugs from all of us.
– Family of V.P.

We can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate you and the staff at Riverbend. You take such good care of her, and you treat her like she’s part of your family. Thank you!!
– Julie L.

Someday family can help out again but until then, thank you to the staff at Riverbend for the wonderful care, with a smile. Mom tells me almost every day how kind and friendly everyone is to her. We as a family could not have found a better place for our mom to live.
– Family of L.U.

Thank you so much for the care you gave Pauline while she was at Riverbend! Mom especially liked the music activities.
Daughter of P.S.

Thanks for the amazing care you and your team has given to mom over the past year. Please give them personal thanks from all of us!
Family member of D.T.

Russell and Pauline S. enjoyed their last years at Riverbend Senior Living! They always talked about how well they were treated. As their children, we also were witness to this loving care and we will always be appreciative of the kindness that you showed towards mom and dad. Mother was especially fond of the activities that she was encouraged to participate in.
Children of R.S. and P.S.

I want to thank you and the entire staff at both Riverbend and Willow Ridge Healthcare for all the kindness and compassionate care that mother has received over the past eight years. The people are first rate and are very hard working. Thank you for helping both of us during this challenging yet wonderful time!
Family of M.S.

Thank you to everyone who has been helping to make sure that Mom gets to church on Wednesdays, choir practice weekly, and for introducing her to more group activities (even crosswords last week it seems!). I sincerely appreciate your continued efforts to involve her in activities, and I’m so glad that she is finally deciding to attend and participate in more. Thank you for your gentle and patient persistence with her! Thank you.

We would like to say a special thank you to the staff of Riverbend Senior Assisted Living and Willow Ridge Healthcare. Your loving care and kindness was greatly appreciated by our family. It was a comfort to know he was in your competent care.
Family of J.K.

Thank you for all you did for H.S. throughout his stay at your facility. He very much appreciated each of you, as did his family. It is a pleasure serving our community with you. Thank you!
H.R. Adoray Social Worker

Thank you for the wonderful care and friendship you extended to my dad and all of us!
– Family of W.B.



The family would like to thank the compassionate caregivers at Riverbend Assisted Living in Amery for "spoiling" Mom/Grandma like she was their own grandma. Theoline couldn't have been happier living there.
Family of T.I.
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